Our Decking Materials

Prodeck decking materials composed primarily of cellulose based fibers and clean plastic polymers . The result is an extremely weather- and stain-resistant board that won’t splinter, warp, rot or split.  It does have certain advantages over wood: They’re extremely low-maintenance and never need to be sanded, refinished or stained.

Environmental Excellence

Carbon Foot Print

Every 1 kg of label waste recycled into our productsPRODECK Deck instead of being incinerated prevents the release of approximately 1.84kg CO2 into the atmosphere. Each 1m2 of PRODECK Deck Boards contains 10 kg of label waste which would have released 18.4 kg CO2.

The CO2 which would normally be released into the atmospherer is contained within PRODECK Deck for the lifetime of the product, typically a minimum of ten years. Assuming the product is not further recycled, the carbon footprint from the manufacturing of PRODECK Deck is 0.7 kg CO2 per 1 kg of product. This is less than half the amount typical for many concrete paving stones.

Safe Ingredient

No PVC is used in the manufacture of PRODECK Deck. The only added plastic is polythene. No toxic biocides are added to PRODECK Deck. Unlike impregnated timber of PVC based product, PRODECK Deck off-cuts may be disposed of with normal household waste. If burnt, the emissions produced by PRODECK Deck are less dangerous than burning timber.

Thinking Local

Production of PRODECK our Decking Materials is located in China, close to the sources of label waste and to the main customer base.

This minimizes transport both to and from the factories. PRODECK’s vision is to be the front-runner of the new forest industry. Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are recycled.


Relax – Design for the long run

Life is for living and beauty should be a part of everyone’s life. First create, and then enjoy: just as life should be.

Create your design – Choose your colour

PRODECK’s fresh and modern colours allow you to bring style to outdoor living. Better yet, once created, your design will continue to look great through the years with only minimal maintenance. This is thanks to PRODECK’s unique combination of lignin free fibers and a high friction and weather resistant surface.

PRODECK pays no attention to time passing by. Designed in USA and manufactured by PRODECK Decking Materials Plant sets new standards in color durability.

This is because, unlike wood and other composites, it is virtually free of lignin, the natural wood molecule which turns grey when exposed to sunlight.

Material Composition

The principal materials used to make PRODECK Deck are specially selected cellulose based fibers and clean plastic polymers which, as the by-products of other industrial processes, would otherwise be disposed of in landfill or incineration.

PRODECK Deck is PVC free and non toxic.

By giving a second life to these materials, it is a great case of a good environmental solution resulting in better technical performance. Check out these tips in another post here Decking Installation